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Third part of the Duesseldorf seminars on Erasmus+ international mobility in Soest (Germany)

Meeting in the Quality and Support Agency - State Institute for School (QUA-LiS NRW) in Soest

From 1st to 3rd July 2019, 20 teachers from various vocational colleges of the district government of Duesseldorf met in the Quality and Support Agency - State Institute for School (QUA-LiS NRW) in Soest at the invitation of the EU office in Duesseldorf. What they all had in common was that they had recently received a commitment to receive extensive funding from the Erasmus+ program, which enables them to offer internships and study visits to European countries for students and teachers of their institutions. But how do you manage these funds? How can the money be spent? How do I have to prepare future interns and how do I keep in touch with them?

The practical questions could be answered at this seminar: the “3rd Duesseldorf Seminar on Erasmus+ Mobility Abroad”. For this purpose, the EU office had invited experienced teachers and representatives of the Federal Institute for Vocational Training, which administer the Erasmus+ funds. In information events and workshops, the participants were able to find out about all topics that are relevant to their own mobility project. Alternatively, everyone could work on their own project and make preparations. This format as well as the joint evening excursions to the old town of Soest stimulated an intensive exchange between the participants.

This seminar was the last part of the three-part series of seminars. In the first parts, the foundations for a successful mobility project were laid. In particular, the Erasmus+ funding application often represents a major and time-consuming obstacle, which was eliminated in the seminar series by concrete work on your own project and individual support from experts. All events were evaluated very positively by the participants, so that the EU office will continue to use this format in the next school year.