Office for European Union Projects and Vocational Qualification

The aim of the office is to carry out EU projects as well as projects with the participation of the business world. 



The office’s offer for further educational training:

Duesseldorf seminars on Erasmus+ Vocational Training

EU contact-teachers’ regular meeting point:

New communication forum about mobility
On a regular basis, people who are interested in student and teacher mobility meet each other to discuss topics about Erasmus+ in vocational education.

Tandem-Mobility between vocational school and company
Trainers as representatives of training companies and teachers visit companies in European countries in order to allow apprentices to have an internship there some time in the future. The on-site visit creates confidence and security in the trainer and the teacher to ensure the objective of their trainees’ stay abroad. Further information can be found in the flyer.

Students‘ inclusive mobility
Mobility for 5 pupils with physical and mental disabilities or social, cultural, geographical or economic disadvantages. Further information can be found in the flyer.