EU Erasmus+ – Kofinanziert durch das Programm Erasmus+ der Europäischen Union

Erasmus+ vocational training

Erasmus+ promotes mobility and cross-border cooperation in Europe. 

The office for EU projects and vocational training of the district government of Duesseldorf (GEB) offers a three-part further educational training series on "Erasmus+ program stays abroad" for experienced and less experienced teachers. Every school year, the events take place on the following main topics:

  • October / November: conception and planning of a mobility project (one-day)
  • December: application for Erasmus+ funding (one-day)
  • June / July: implementation of the mobility project (three days)

The goal is to acquire or refresh necessary knowledge and to implement it in the teachers‘ own specific mobility projects. The participants will receive support from present experts of different vocational colleges, the GEB as well as the NA-BiBB (National Agency) as a competent authority for the allocation of Erasmus+ funds.

Erasmus+ Key Actions

Erasmus+ promotes mobility and cross-border cooperation in Europe. There are three key actions with corresponding application procedures:

Key Action 1: Learning Mobility for Individuals
Key Action 2: Cooperation to promote innovation and exchange best practices
Key Action 3: Supporting Policy Reforms

National Coordination Office (NKS) for ECVET: Here you will find all the essential information, for example about the three ECVET instruments partnership agreement, learning agreement and personal performance record or the list of learning outcome units for different professional groups.

National Agency’s manual at the BIBB on financial management 2017 for projects of key action 1 mobility. Here you will find helpful information on handling projects.

The detailed instructions of the National Agency Mobility Tool explain the individual buttons and their functions.

The office for EU projects and professional qualifications of the district government Duesseldorf accompanies and supports the approximately 70 vocational colleges of the Duesseldorf district in all questions regarding the mobility of teachers and learners. There is also close cooperation with the Duesseldorf Chamber of Crafts, which offers foreign mobility for its members. Ms. Rebecca Hof (rebecca.hof [at] hwk-duesseldorf.declass="fliesstextLinkEmail" title="rebecca.hof [at] eine E-Mail schreiben"), Mobility Consultant at the HWK Duesseldorf, is available to answer any questions you may have about the topic of “Learning and working abroad”.