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Duesseldorf Seminars on ERASMUS+ Vocational Training

The EU Office conducts annual "Duesseldorf Seminars on ERASMUS+ Vocational Education and Training"

The EU Office conducts annual "Duesseldorf Seminars on ERASMUS+ Vocational Education and Training". The aim of the seminar series, which consists of a total of three parts and four training days, is to support the EU-coordinators at the schools in the application for ERASMUS+ accreditation and the implementation of Erasmus+ mobilities. The accreditation at NA-BiBB is the standard access to the Erasmus+ program of the EU and provides an easy and secure access to funding for learning mobilities.

The first part deals with the advantages of accreditation and the procedure for preparing an accreditation application. Central content-related building blocks such as possible objectives and internationalization strategies will be explained. In the second part, colleagues from vocational colleges will meet to work on their accreditation applications within the framework of Erasmus+.

The third part is addressed to teachers from vocational colleges who are preparing a concrete mobility project and have been granted funding from the Erasmus+ program. During the event, participants will have the opportunity to make the necessary preparations for the implementation of their project.

At all events, NA-BiBB staff and experienced colleagues will be on hand to offer advice and support.

In addition to working on accreditation, an added value of the Duesseldorf seminars is the networking of vocational colleges.

The Duesseldorf seminars have been held since 2017 and are designed to strengthen and promote the internationalization efforts of vocational colleges in the Duesseldorf administrative district.